Prefabricated Eco-Retaining Walls

Prefabricated Eco-Retaining Walls

Civex Group’s patented environmentally friendly prefabricated limestone wall panel system is a radical new development in the reconstituted limestone retaining wall industry in Australia.

The Eco-Retaining Walls are environmentally friendly reconstituted limestone wall panels available in sizes equivalent to 30-51 standard metre blocks that deliver many advantages over the conventional blocks for clients:

Better efficiency:
Being precast walls, the Eco-Panels are much quicker to install than a conventional wall that must be assembled. Moreover, installing the eco-panels requires next to no cement, which reduces considerably the volume of people, materials and machinery involved in the installation process. The Eco-Panels can also be backfilled straight after they were installed, saving time for the conduction of your construction project.

Environmentally friendly:
The Eco-Panels are the answer for saving the precious resources of our planet earth. The amount of cement and water involved in the manufacturing and installation processes is substantially reduced. The packaging materials are no longer a risk of polluting the landscapes for they are no longer needed (cement bags, block straps..). Using the Eco-Panels also make the usual rubble pile of broken blocks obsolete.

Risks reduction:
Having less people and less machines required to the installation of the Eco-Panels reduces the risks of accidents to occur on your construction site.

Civex Group sees the use of its patented wall panel system, which can significantly shorten construction timelines, as an inevitable development in the industry, much like the introduction of the “Tilt up” wall system that was rapidly accepted by the construction industry.

Reduced Outlay

An experienced team of panel layers can lay at least 5 times as much stone in any given period of time as the same team of block layers.

Quality, Strength & Aesthetics

Civex Group uses more cement in its wall panels than in its individual blocks for added strength which results in a compressive strength that is normally in excess of 10MPa.


Immediate Backfilling

Unlike with individual blocks, backfilling can commence immediately after our pre-cast wall panels have been laid, often saving the developer days.